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Texas Kart Nationals

The 2nd Annual Texas Kart Nationals 2014

This is round 1 of 5 in the Midwest Winter Race series.   This is a 2 day event held on Friday, November 14th and Saturday, November 15th 2014.  For the complete schedule, go to the Schedule page. There will be racers of all ages from young to old, as well as all experience levels from the beginner to the most seasoned veteran.  Rubbing, racing, beating and banging!  That’s racing and that’s what it’s all about! Come on out to the Circle T Arena, Hamilton, TX and have a good time.  This is a family friendly event so bring your entire family out for some weekend fun watching the kart guys from all over the country. Hamilton, Texas is located 85 miles south of Alvarado, TX, on Hwy 36.
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Buy your Mylaps transponders here!    You can purchase Mylaps transponders directly from us for $310 with 2 chargers.  Transponder clips $10 each.  Buy directly from us to avoid the hassle!
All racing vehicles must have mufflers that keep their car at 95 DECIBELS or less at 50 feet from the racing surface. If the muffler gets knocked off, falls off, or becomes loud during a race, you will be black-flagged. Pull to the infield immediately.  This means if your muffler comes off anytime from the start of the race to exiting the track at the end of the race, you will be DQ’ed. If your car becomes loud and you pull to the infield on your own, you will not be DQ’ed, you will receive last place points.
OUTDOOR PITTING/RV SPOTS AVAILABLE RV spots Water & Electric $35.00  (Border Pit Area) Call Darren @ 469-853-7006 to reserve RV spots.
All karts MUST run a muffler. This is MANDATORY! No Fuel Additives allowed for all classes! Stock muffler on all Stock classes. Mod muffler on all mod classes. The RVL is a great one. All Karts must have a working kill switch that the driver can reach.  This will be tested!!!
Class Age Requirements All classes have age requirements defined in the class rules. IF you DO NOT meet the age requirements for a class, you must petition the race promoter and receive permission to reqister in that class. Contact Todd Hrncirik for more information. Todd’s contact information is listed below. All 125, 250 and 500 Class drivers have to use Race Receivers this year. They are $99.99. Contact Todd for more info  @   940-256-2459.    US Mail: Todd Hrncirik                                                410 Spur 1919                                                Seymour, TX 76380
                   URGENT!    URGENT!   URGENT!    Due to circumstances beyond our control we are having to relocate the Texas Kart Nationals.  The dates remain the same. Nov. 14th and 15th, 2014. The new location is the Circle T Arena in Hamilton, TX,  85 miles south of Alvarado. We apologize for the inconvenience, but please bear with us and we will make the transition as smooth as possible! The Circle T Arena is located at:  4007 West HWY 36, Hamilton, Texas 76531 Updated hotel information for Hamilton is now posted. Click for Hotel page. Thank you for your understanding.       *** Possible Predator Flat Kart Class *** We are considering adding a Predator Flat Kart class to the MWRS if there are 10 or more. Predator Rules will be BOX STOCK. Only mods are any exhaust with muffler & fuel pump. Class has been added to Entry List for feedback.
No Bleeder valve to release air. There should be a wheel, tire, one valve stem, bead lock ring, and screws. Anything else will be disqualified.  This will be teched. Draw ends at 4:30. If you miss the draw you start on the back of both heats. Round one of heats starts at 6:00 PM.